the gift machine


"Intelligent, well-done indie pop, if not quite the kind of thing that unshakably sticks in your craw.

-Richie Unterberger,

"Vista psych-rock trio The Gift Machine's songsmith/multi-instrumentalist Dave Matthies is an engineer of some repute, having played on one of my favorite all-time records, the Glow, Pt. 2, by the Microphones. So yeah, I'll be the guy at the Tin Can with the CD and the Sharpie."
-The San Diego Reader

"The Gift Machine sound completely comfortable. Matthies' dry humor, his slightly frail voice, and the simple arrangements allow the songs to gently amble along, making potentially fraught subjects -- the impossibility of communication, personal failure, and the struggle to find motivation -- seem surmountable, or at least manageable. Andrea Gruber's voice aids to this end. Goodbye/Goodluck is the sound of an artist being allowed to mature, and there's something reassuring, if not inspiring, about that."

-Tiny Mix Tapes

"The Gift Machine followed with a mind-blowing performance. They quickly changed the pace for the night, playing fuzzed-out folk rock with genuinely sweet and gritty songs that showcased the frontman’s songwriting prowess."
-Owl and Bear Live Review, Soda Bar, San Diego, CA

The Gift Machine recently released their fourth full-length on Knw-Yr-Own Records. Titled Goodbye/Goodluck, it recalls a lo-fi Beatles or Velvet Underground in a laid-back mood. Andrea Gruber’s delicate backing vocals soften Dave Matthies’s deep, Lee Hazlewood-esque lead lines as the instrumentation drifts and buzzes around them. Dreamy stuff."

-KEXP, Seattle, WA

"Matthies strikes many as a musician/producer/engineer who is in it for the art form, not for the money or glory. With his style, which is a suave and subtly infectious form of pop music with audible references to psychedelia and surf-rock, [Matthies] has the ability to turn a simplistic melody into one that becomes unavoidably engrained in a listener’s head. Matthies and Gruber show off an excellent vocal contrast in Matthies’ warmly musky grumbles and Gruber’s angelically high-pitched delivery. Their contrasting voices work so well together. "

-Obscure Sound

"Swimmy, bubbly pop doused in woozy holidays--that's the kind of music made by the Gift Machine, a quartet that takes cues from Guided by Voices, Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, and a little Dougie Martsch. It's dreamy and yummily executed"

-Portland Mercury, Portland, OR

Great shambolic country/folk, the rough edges rounded down by Southern seas, with enough sharp points to remind you to keep your sandals on. Voices intertwined like holding hands, tightly, despite it all. As lazy and bittersweet as the last drink, the last call, the last goodbye. Perfect pop.


Dave Matthies has created a masterpiece, with Andrea Gruber, named Goodbye/Goodluck. The power pop smarts of "Don't Turn Me Off" are sleeping in a kiddie pool turned sensory deprivation tank. When two voices fit this well together, all things seem possible for humanity. The recorded results are a propulsive backyard party where its ok to nap because you'll be singing along with this for the rest of your life.

-K Records, Olympia, WA